CSM PI Projects

Collaborative Research Partnership 1:  Reservoir Characterization

     CSM-PI Reservoir Characterization Research Website 

Characterization and Simulation of Abu Dhabi Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
- H. Kazemi (CSM), Z. Chen (CSM), X. Yin (CSM), K. Neeves (CSM), M. Al-Kobaisi (PI)

Fluid Sensitivity of Seismic Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs
- M. Batzle (CSM), M. Prasad (CSM), S. Vega (PI)

Selection and Optimization of Miscible and Immiscible Displacement to Improve Production from Fractured, Carbonate Reservoirs of Abu Dhabi
- H. Kazemi (CSM), X. Yin (CSM), K. Neeves (CSM), A. Al-Sumaiti (PI)

Integrated Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
- J. Sarg (CSM), T. Steuber (PI)

Joint Stochastic Inversions of Borehole Measurements for Carbonate Characterization
 - A. Revil (CSM), T. Steuber (PI)

Optimization of CO2 Flooding in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs by Minimizing Asphaltene Deposition and Reducing CO2 Mobility
 - R. Graves (CSM), A. Al-Sumaiti (PI)

Experimental Investigations of Improved Oil Recovery in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Using CO2 Injection and Determining Scaling Factors for Field Application
 - R. Graves (CSM), A. Al-Sumaiti (PI)


Collaborative Research Partnership 2:  Upstream Materials and Equipment Engineering

Minimizing Corrosion of Petroleum Production Equipment by Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide
B. Mishra (CSM), A. Al-Shoabi (PI)

Damage Diagnosis and Structural Integrity Evaluation of Pipelines and Infrastructural Systems
- R. Zhang (CSM), A. Seibi (PI)

Corrosion Behavior of Expanded Tubes in Harsh Environments
- B. Mishra (CSM), A. Seibi (PI)

Superior Polyamide Blends as Exceptional Piping Materials
- J. Dorgan (CSM), V. Mittal (PI)


Collaborative Research Partnership 3:  Chemical Processing

Desalination by Hydrate Nucleation and Growth
C. Koh (CSM), A. Sum (CSM), E. D. Sloan (CSM), C. Peters (PI), I. Economou (PI)

Pyrolysis Reactions of Butene Isomers at Low Temperatures
- A. Dean (CSM), K. Wang (CSM), A. Al-Shoabi (PI)

A Direct Internal Reforming Protonic-Ceramic Fuel Cell
- R. O'Hayre (CSM), N. Sullivan (CSM), A. Almansoori (PI)

Graphene/Polymer Composites
- M. Liberatore (CSM), A. Abdala (PI), M. Katsiotis (PI)


Collaborative Research Partnership 4:  Automation and Intelligent Systems

Development of a PV Grid Connected Inverter for Smart Grids
- M. Simoes (CSM), A. Al Durra (PI), S. Muyeen (PI)

Enabling Automated Oil and Gas Processes Using Unmanned Mobile Robots
- Q. Han (CSM), J. Steele (CSM), H. Karki (PI), K. Al-Wahedi (PI)


Collaborative Research Partnership 5:  Engineering Education

Establishing and Supporting a Center of Teaching Excellence at the PI in Abu Dhabi
R. Miller (CSM), B. Bielenberg (PI)

Preparing Global Engineers: Developing Engineering Design Education Across Cultures
- S. Scott (CSM), R. Knecht (CSM)


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