Colorado School of Mines - Petroleum Institute Cooperative Research Program

photo montageThe mission of this cooperative program was to conduct research on projects with joint activities at Mines and the PI, and to the extent possible engage Emerati students in PhD studies that would ultimately enable them to be candidates for faculty positions at the PI.

Given the industry orientation of the PI’s mission, and the scholarly strength of Colorado School of Mines in the energy, resources and environmental arena, this cooperative program was dominated by applied research projects in upstream oil and gas exploration and production. This was a critical area of interest for ADNOC and its operating companies, especially as it relates to enhancing the recoverability of UAE reserves and understanding the implication of carbonate geologies in reservoir characterization. Additional areas of cooperation included materials engineering to mitigate corrosion of equipment in high sulfur upstream environments, structural integrity of pipelines, pyrolisis reactions, and energy-related technologies in fuel cells and automation/intelligent systems.

Colorado School of Mines has also been a US leader in innovative engineering education programs, and several joint projects in this domain were included in the cooperative program.

Collaborative Research Partnerships (CRPs) between Mines and the PI fell within the following categories and more information on each can be found by clicking their links:

List of Projects

List of Publications

Mines Research Page

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