Other Collaborative Research Partnerships

Upstream Materials and and Equipment Engineering (CRP 2):

Collaborative projects in this group address the practicalities of equipment operation and sustained reliability in upstream environments.  Specific attention is placed on the performance of steels in drilling and well bore applications and pipeline structures in the presence of corrosive elements.  The work includes corrosion resistant materials and non-destructive testing techniques for early diagnosis of potential failure, thus enhancing the cost-effectiveness of upstream operations.

Chemical Processing (CRP 3):

This group of collaborative projects employs the combined talents of the Petroleum Institute and Colorado School of Mines researchers to improve the energy conversion efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels, and in a different application, to explore the use of hydrate clathrates in water desalination. The conversion efficiency projects address improvements in combustive reaction chemistry and reduced exhaust emissions, and address the use of hydrocarbon fuels for direct conversion to electricity through a reforming fuel cell. The opportunities for significant economic impact, achieved through energy conversion efficiencies, and for novel approaches to desalination, are important for the UAE energy and water industries.

Automation and Intelligent Systems (CRP 4):

This collaborative project area addresses the insertion of technologies and disciplines that exploit automation and intelligent systems in energy production and distribution.  This extends from advanced sensing, communication networking and robotics in upstream applications to smart-grid technologies and automated energy and efficiency management deployments in downstream applications.

Engineering Education (CRP 5):

This is a broad area of Petroleum Institute - Colorado School of Mines collaboration that focuses in the effectiveness of engineering education, best practices in pedagogy, and specific educational interactions between our two universities.  The objective is an on-going upliftment of quality in our engineering education methods and curriculum, and the subsequent benefits for our students.


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